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Passion Project!

A food joint run by a lawyer and a banker? Quite unlikely one would say. Meet Ayesha Sajjan and Twinkle Singh, the two inspired minds behind Café Quaint.​


​Best friends turned business partners​, these ladies​ took the Pink City by a storm when they opened Café Quaint in the confines of the Jawahar Kala Kendra. From the unconventional seasonal menu (the big red wall) at Café Quaint, to the vegan/ vegetarian menu at Bistro Quaint, this lawyer-banker combination has carved a special space in the Jaipur culinary scene.

The Quaint eateries in the Pink City are children of passion, born out of their makers' dream of creating world standard food from the most humble locally available seasonal produce. Quaint has combined traditional and contemporary ingredients to serve wholesome and healthy food​. ​The European-style menu of Café Quaint evolved into a special vegan/ vegetarian menu at Bistro Quaint. With Ayesha at the helm in the kitchen, and Twinkle managing the day-to-day running of the café, Quaint has changed the way Jaipur looks at/eats/perceives food. From sustainable practices like plastic-free and zero-waste kitchens, to more seasonal, organic and indegenous produce finding its way onto the plates across the city, Jaipur's food narrative has come a long way.


As young entrepreneurs stepping out to make a mark, they promise to continue to keep your taste buds on their toes, and to keep bringing delectable plates to your tables.

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